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Full text of "Annual Evaluation Report Fiscal Year 1984"

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B.    Progress and Accomplishments

Support through this program has enabled the Council on Legal Education
Opportunity, in concert with participating law schools, to:

o Identify prospective law students in need of services provided by the

o Conduct seven regional institutes across the country to provide intensive
pre-law training to students in the summer prior to their entrance Into
law school; evaluate each student at the end of the Institute, In terms
of his/her potential for successfully mastering the law school curricu-
lum; and provide law school placement assistance for all successful

o Provide $1,000 annual stipends to all students who have successfully
completed the summer institutes and are enrolled in a law school
accredited by the American Bar Association.

o Maintain records concerning law school enrollment, bar performance,
and employment data of individuals served by the program.

C.  Costs, Benefits, and Effectiveness

Students Served: In the 1982-83 academic year, 229 new students and 308
continuing students were supported. In 1983-84, 210 new students 327
continuing students were supported. Altogether about 3,500 students have
participated in the CLEO program at about 150 law schools. Table 1
summarizes awards for FY 1983 and 1984.

Institutes: During academic year 1983-84, more than 200 potential first-
year law students received six weeks of intensive pre-law training during
the summer at seven law schools selected by CLEO to run these institutes.
About 99 percent of these students completed the Institutes and were ad-
mitted to law schools. They joined over 300 other CLEO students in their
second or third year of legal study.

Types of Benefits Provided: The CLEO program has two central components
of direct service to students in addition to its services to the law schools.
The two primary student components are six-week summer institutes of intens-
ive legal studly for prospective law students and annual fellowships of
$1,000 to those successful graduates of the summer institutes who attend
law schools. Participating law schools also waive tuition and fees for
these students.

Program Effectiveness: In the past 15 years, CLEO has helped 3,480 stu-
dents from disadvantaged backgrounds gain admission to law schools. As of
February 1983, 1,771 CLEO students had successfully completed law schools.
(See E below.)417(a)